Madison Lockwood

In the picture we see Madison Lockwood. She is 17 years old and lives in Michigan, USA, where she was also born. She works as Golf course maintenance, drums and musician. She started playing drums as she wanted to inspire other musicians and younger women to play an instrument that is mostly male dominated. Madison has a passion for playing and she thinks they are incredibly fun. She has played in band of her friends, because she is quite young, she has not played with any great artists yet, she says in the interview. Her specialty as a drummer is being unique and creative. She have never been told not to play drums because She is a female, although people have been skeptical of her, but she happens to earn their respect after playing, she says in our interview.

1. What's your name?

Madison Lockwood

2. How old are you?

17 years old

3. Where do you live today?

Michigan, USA

4. Where did you grow up?

Michigan, USA

5. What do you work with?

Golf course maintenance, drums, musician

6. Do you work as a drummer full time?


7. Why did you want to be a drummer?

They were passed to me by one of my Father’s friends, who played in a band with him. I wanted to inspire other musicians and younger women to play an instrument that is mostly male dominated. I have a passion for playing and I find them incredibly fun.

8. Which artists have you played with?

Just a band of my friends and I, no major artists or bands yet.

9. What is your secret specialty as a drummer?

Being unique and creative, being able to catch the public eye.

Interview Questions

How do you feel that equality between women and men is distributed in the music industry & in the drums? (in what way have you experienced it in that case?

I happen to see less drummers that are females than I do male drummers, and even in the music industry or rock/metal specifically. Less girls want to play rock, so I mostly see men. I think there is an idea that rock isn’t really feminine or that girls shouldn’t be a part of it, so they don’t want to play or try. Almost all of my favorite bands are female fronted or have female members, just because I think a female voice sounds awesome in rock, but still enjoy male vocals. I have never been told not to play drums because I am a female, although people have been skeptical of me, but I happen to earn their respect after playing.

What have been your role models for your instrument? In what way have they affected you? (How has the family influenced you to choose to play drums)

My dad played in a band, so I got my love and passion for music (rock specifically) from him. Then came my love for drums from his drummer, who taught me to play. Now that I’ve gotten older and developed more of a taste for specific bands and music, I choose Jen Ledger (the drummer of Skillet) as my role model and direct influence. She was only 17 or 18 when she joined the band, and began to tour the world. I think her bravery is amazing along with her talent, morals, and personality. She is a female drummer, like myself, and I enjoy watching and listening to her and her band play.

Do you experience that you treat each other differently depending on gender in the music industry? How? (Sexual harassment, etc., have you heard anyone be called a "girl-drummer" and why do you think they are presented in that way? How do you behave if there is a woman in your band?

I personally have never been treated negatively by others in the music industry due to my gender, or have been sexually harassed or objectified in any way. I call myself a girl drummer, because that’s exactly what I am, haha. I think it’s only a negative term if people use it that way. I just think a lot of people are surprised when they see females playing rock, because it is not often that this happens. If there is a woman in my band, I definitely would make close friends with her, because you know, us girls gotta stick together.

Have you experienced that someone has been treated differently? In what way and how have they affected you and if so, how have you tried to counteract it?

I have not experienced someone being treated differently.

What have you had as an inner drive to reach where you are today? (Do you want to play with a special artist in the future, do you always want to support yourself on the drums, have you always known that you want to play drums?

My inner drive is just earning the freedom to be able to follow my passion and have it support me in a comfortable way. I also really enjoy doing things that are unique, and working really hard to see positive results and success. I started my YouTube channel for fun, and just to put myself and my talent out to the world. Someday I want to play a song with Skillet or evanescence, but that’s a dream that most musicians have, which is to collaborate with their favorite artists. My music career is important to me, and I plan on taking it as far as possible, but mainly it is very fun and a hobby that could become a career. I’ve always loved playing the drums but began to spend more time on them as I’ve gotten older.

Why do you think it's because most men are behind the drum kit?

Just because drums aren’t seen as feminine, neither is rock/metal. Less females want to play the drums because of the look they might think it will perceive.


If you can speculate about the future:

What do you think the distribution between women and men will look like in the future in the music industry? Within your instrument?

I’m very confident in females playing in the industry and playing drums, just because I am now seeing more and more of them playing. I think people like Jen Ledger are inspiring a lot of women to step on the stage and play.

Other thoughts that you want to raise connected to gender equality in the industry?

I just think that it is really important that we encourage females to play drums, and to teach them not to be afraid to do something unique even though it might seem odd that they do it due to gender. It’s important that we are inspiring them and teaching them instruments and to have a passion for music. Never be afraid to go a new way and beat down a new path. It’s your life, so live it to every last drop and do it your way, regardless of what people will say. Never let them make you afraid.